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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clueless Wonder!
Yes, that would be me when it comes to copyright laws and issues: Clueless about most of it and wondering about the rest! I still hardly know where to begin, but I really like Carol Simpson's simplified assessment of the whole topic which she writes at the end of her introduction to our text, "Copyright for Schools." Her little story ends with, "You don't take what isn't yours without asking first." (Simpson 2005) Sounds really simple, doesn't it? As we're finding out through research for our blogs, it's a lot more intricate than than that, but it's a good start.
I've begun wondering how many times - inadvertently of course! - I've misused or copied something to which I didn't have proper rights. Maybe none, but it does give a person pause for thought. Our text gives very detailed explanations of the many facts and innuendos of copyright, but I felt like doing a search for something that would give a quick overview of the major points. I found the following website, which happily, the author blatantly allows links to. (I'm thinking, "Cliff Note version, anyone?") It's entitled, "10 Big Myths about copyright explained", written by Brad Templeton:
I hope as I become a little wiser on these issues, I'll be able to post some things bit more informative, but for now, enjoy Mr. Templeton's easy-to-read site.


Valerie D. said...

Brad Templeton certainly made copyright seem a little easier to understand. I get the basics of copyright (I think) but then there are parts that just confuse me. I think the fact that copyright laws are always changing do not help in the fact that people are unable to keep up with the most recent changes. Thankfully, we as librarians are having this class to better understand copyright and will hopefully become better advocates of copyright.

lorena said...

That's for sure, Valerie! I guess the Web and technology change so quickly, copyright laws have to accommodate that change. It surely doesn't make it any easier, though! I'm learning a lot and hope I can truly get a grip on more. At least we know where to start now.