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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interesting Observation

There were only 5 total respondents to my quick poll regarding viewing rights of DVDs in schools, but I found the results very interesting. When we consider our educational background, we know we've at LEAST gotten through 4 years of undergrad studies. More of us are unaware of a lot of copyright issues, including this one, than are well versed. Compare that to the general public and I think we'd find most know even less than we do. It lays a lot of responsibility at our doorstep to help educate others, whether we're in a public venue or school media center!!


Regina said...

Lorena, even though I know it is a copyright violation to play a Disney movie in school, I did it anyway! Now that I'm at the middle school, my situation is very different, so I'll be lucky to show one as a treat at Christmas. I did hear about a previous year where a movie was "projected" through the entire school's TV system that hosts Channel 1. Hmm? Does this sound right?

Lorena said...

Well, Regina, I just don't know about you!! Actually, I'm pretty sure we all have our own little copyright violation stories. I guess at your school, you could track down the "copyright agent" at your school (or is this YOU now? LOL!) to see if the district has a licensing agreement for showing videos, etc. If not, the administration may not be aware or (oh, dear) just not care?